"For over 20 years I have experienced all good things from your people, your product, and your service."

"They are the most professional, the most knowledgeable, the most prepared, the most accommodating, the most fun to work with, and the most caring. They created the most relaxing atmosphere and provided excellent one-on-one service that made what could have been a stress-fest a positive experience."

"...dotted every I and crossed every T throughout."

"...pleasant and easy to work with..."

"This opening day collection experience with Davidson Titles has been the best I’ve seen. What could have been a library director’s nightmare ended up being a smooth operation. It just doesn’t get any better than this."

-Mary D. Snyder, Indian River County Library Services Director

"Davidson Titles provided a very large majority of my opening day collection at Ellis Middle School. Almost my entire nonfiction collection and reference collection came from Davidson. I chose Davidson Titles to work with because my representative, Marti Seidel, brought books that my committee could actually preview. This was extremely helpful to allow us to check book content, presentation, and the level appropriateness for all levels of middle school students. Marti helped to research collections that would meet our curriculum needs. She also was very conscious to make sure that the books chosen had the most current, up-to-date information and the very newest copyright dates available."

-Debbie Archer, Ellis Middle School

"Out of all the experiences I had, Davidson Titles stands out as the one vendor that impressed me the most."

"Every aspect of the journey with Davidson Titles was a joy. From the regional rep, and the customer service representatives, to the owners themselves; the entire staff was friendly, helpful, and they treated me as if we were life-long friends."

"Davidson Titles maintains their tradition of trying to get books in your hands so you can make a more educated choice about what you purchase. They are still just as dedicated to friendly, efficient service. After almost five years my experience with Davidson Titles continues to be nothing but positive and I would highly recommend their services to anyone."

-Lisa Tucker, Middle Fork Elementary

"I have come to rely on Davidson for the high quality publishers they represent in a 'one-stop-shopping' arena. We order full processing as I can always rely on the accuracy of their MARC records; all specifications are fulfilled as ordered."

"...Davidson was able to fill our requests with a 96% fill rate, almost unheard of for the volume of our orders."

-Edith Lacey, Silas Deane Middle School

"Davidson Titles has provided a wide range of services to our school system over the past few years, ranging from helping in the selection of opening day collections for new schools, to bringing samples of new series for media coordinators to examine, to supporting new media coordinators as they learn to work with vendors to stretch their limited budgets. The books available from Davidson Titles are current and address curriculum topics in timely, exciting ways. There is nothing more effective than to physically look at a variety of nonfiction books on a certain topic and to compare the actual text, reading levels, and illustrations to find the perfect title to fill a hole in a collection. The resources and services that Davidson Titles provides to our schools have been valuable and I look forward to working with this company in the years to come."

-Jackie Pierson, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

"I recently lost a large section of my collection due to a flood through the ceiling. I needed to replace books from particular subjects and sometimes a specific Dewey #. The Davidson website was extremely helpful for searching by subject area and/or Dewey #. I could search books by copyright date when it was important and also by grade/reading level. When my searching was complete I was able to print out a list that was ready for my purchase order. I was contacted after I placed the order about books I selected that were not available. It was an easy process of going back into the Davidson Database to select additional titles to add to the list. Using Davidsontitles.com made the whole process of replacing my collection with high quality library bound books a much easier and organized project."

-Doreen Corsetto, Montclair High School

"A few weeks ago, a Davidson Titles Representative stopped by. He ran an analysis of our collection. After the analysis was completed, I could see titles suggested for weeding and titles recommended for purchase based on the Wilson Core Collection for high schools. I found Davidson’s prices competitive. I love these features and strongly recommend you contact Davidson Titles and let them show you what they have to offer."

-Carlotta Wright, Page High School

"I have finally gotten our new Davidson Titles nonfiction books out - the hunting books, the sports books, etc. The boys were literally pulling books out of each others' hands and fighting over them! They were lined up to check them out and put the others that their friends had on hold. You are the best!"

-Carol Wirwa, CCMS

"You and your sales representatives are two of the reasons we appreciate Davidson so much! You are light years beyond the competition in quality and customer service."

-Diane Scot, Keiser University

"I just received all my books and spine labels and I wanted to send a huge THANK YOU your way! Having the spine labels saves me so much time! Every single label was perfect, and I truly appreciate the effort that went in to making them."

Amy Veling, Landmark High School